Man Catches a Baseball Dropped from Helicopter over 1,000 Feet in the Air

helicopter baseball drop

Zach Hample has been called the “World’s Greatest Baseball Fan”, but some might argue he is more like the “World’s Luckiest Baseball Fan”. Since 1990, Hample has hauled in 6,819 balls at 50 different Major League ballparks across the country. To prove he’s more than lucky, he flashed the leather by catching a baseball dropped from a helicopter over 1,000 feet in the air.

Hample set out in 2012 to break the record set by Hall of Fame catcher Gabby Harnett. Hartnett’s catch was from an estimated 800 feet back in 1930. Last year Hample managed to catZack Hamplech a baseball dropped from a helicopter at 312 feet, 562 feet, and then a record breaking 822 feet. High winds caused the Federal Aviation Administration to cut the day short and keep the record at 822 feet.

However, last week Hample showed up at LeLacheur Park, home of the Red Sox Single-A affiliate Lowell Spinners to try and break his previous record. The author and baseball collector came strapped up in protective gear looking to the sky to attempt catching a ball being dropped from a helicopter at 1,050 feet. Hample succeeded, snatching a baseball out of the sky that reached speeds of 95 mph and took twelve seconds to reach the glove.

While Hample’s baseball catching feats are amazing, there was only one problem with his most recent one. There was no one from the Guinness Book of World Records on hand to verify the catch, so it will go unrecognized. However, check out the video below of the grab and give him the props he deserves!

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