Helicopter Flight Services’ Fleet

HeliNY Helicopters

Helicopter Flight Services is New York’s top helicopter tour and charter company. Their success comes from great customer service, amazing tours, and top of the line fleet. HeliNY operates a combination of seven Bell and one Sikorsky helicopter for giving first class transportation in the sky.

Bell 407 & 407GX

HeliNY has both Bell 407 and 407GX helicopters in their fleet. The Bell 407 helicopter is known as the “sports car of the air” because it is safe, fast, and powerful. The combination of superior performance and a spacious cabin gives passengers an amazing experience on sightseeing tours and charter flights. The Bell 407 provides a quiet and smooth ride in virtually any weather condition. With the 407, there is no need to sacrifice comfort for performance. The Bell 407 seats up to six people and comes equipped with heat, air conditioning, and a Bose stereo system. The Bell 407GX is the top performing model in the 407 line. It takes performance to a whole new level with upgraded technology.

Bell 407

Sikorsky S76

The other helicopter in HeliNY’s fleet is the Sikorsky S76. It has increased performance, quiet and spacious cabin interiors, enhanced safety, and operating cost efficiency. The S76 is a versatile aircraft that can be used for tours, charters, lift work, or aerial photography. The Sikorsky S76 is a luxury helicopter that is perfect for business flights, trips to the airport, or for a weekend in the Hamptons.

Sikorsky S76

Helicopter Flight Services maintains its fleet and is only operated by professional pilots. They will make your next tour, charter, or special project a success. Contact HeliNY today to find out about every service they have to offer.

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