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Helicopters Becoming More Essential to Mountain Rescues

Mount EverestHelicopters are very sophisticated pieces of machinery that can perform a number of tasks. If you think of what a helicopter can do, you might immediately think of traffic reports on the radio because that’s where most of us see helicopters. Some may even think about helicopters dropping hundreds of gallons of water onto forest fires. As the summer approaches, more people are thinking about Metropolitan helicopter tours and forgoing taxi rides from the airport in favor of copters. However, helicopters are multi-purpose machines that are consistently used for new reasons.

For instance, helicopters have been used as rescue devices over the years, especially during the height of climbing season. About a week ago, Mount Everest – the world’s tallest peak – was beginning to hit the height of its climbing season, making rescue missions more likely and necessary. According to an interview from NPR, one outdoor magazine editor recently discussed the usage of helicopters as an essential survival tool:

“There’s been sort of the recent arrival of some powerful, new, lightweight helicopters that are able to operate at very high altitudes reliably. And they’re becoming increasingly common throughout the Himalayas, in Nepal.”

However successful these missions usually are, the risks inherent in helicopter rescue missions are large, primarily because of the altitudes that are involved. The editor spoke about thinning air, which can make it hard to maneuver and support the weight of climbers who must be lifted. This practice is becoming more common though, with multiple lifts occurring on some days:

“What I’m hearing now is that at the peak of the climbing season, you might see as many as four or five helicopter flights into Everest base camp in a given day. Now, I don’t think that’s the standard rule, but they’re – certainly – more and more common up there; you know, flying trekkers in and out, flying climbers in and out.”

These are certainly specific uses for helicopters, but it still goes to show that these machines are essential to many industries, including the outdoors!


Helicopter Aerial Footage Used for Fundraiser

Chartering a HelicopterWhen it comes to aerial photography, the best way to capture images from above is by helicopter. Having the ability to move quickly, steadily and efficiently is one the major benefits to taking still images and video from a helicopter instead of another type of aerial transportation. Besides using these types of images for standard usage – i.e. construction, city planning, etc.- many companies and organizations use aerial photography as a means to advertise and promote what they do.

This is precisely what college marketing representatives did in California earlier this week. According to The Biola University Chimes, the college was looking for new ways to promote fundraisers for the school:

‘“We wanted to get a helicopter up there to take both still photography of various angles of some of the newer buildings…and campus in general and also there’s an HD camera that’s secured to the bottom of the helicopter and so for the first time ever we are going to get some high definition video of campus,’ said Brian Miller, senior director of University Communications & Marketing.”

The article says the university was looking for ways to show off the campus in a fun and exciting manner, comparing aerial video to a roller coaster ride at nearby Disney California Adventure Park. Biola is currently looking to raise money for various projects on its campus, including a new science building and scholarship funding. This aerial photography / videography session is aimed at gathering various views of campus from a different perspective:

“It will film aerial shots and hover between 200 and 300 feet in order to get perspective shots and angles of buildings. The helicopter will land on McNally [a field on campus] so that the videographer and photographer can trade places in the helicopter, according to Miller. Campus Safety will be posted at the field to ensure no one is harmed.”

When it comes to promoting your business or company, is there a better way to get distinct visuals than chartering a helicopter for photography?

Tips for Taking Aerial Photographs

Aerial PhotographyThere are a lot of ways to view the world around us. We all can view the world from the ground up and sometimes from the tops of tall buildings, giving us a different perspective on things. However, most of us never get to see the world from above – from a bird’s eye point-of-view. Reasons abound – practical and otherwise – for having images from the sky down. Sometimes, city planners and contractors need an overhead view to correctly plan out a new building or irrigation canal. Other times, it’s just nice to have beautiful pictures of the world from above.

In most cases, aerial photographers take photos from helicopters, because of their maneuverability and ability to get into smaller spaces than bigger aircraft. As an aerial photographer, there is a totally different set of skills that must be mastered. Here are some tips for taking aerial photographs:

Into the Sky – Your best bet for taking aerial photos is chartering a helicopter in the area where you would like to take your pictures. Helicopter doors can be removed, giving you a wide area with no visible aircraft in frame. Work with your chartered helicopter company to work out safety concerns.

Get the Best Angles – If it’s your first flight or your 1000th, never forget to view the ground from every single angle you can think of. There are thousands of acres of areas that have never been seen by human eyes from the sky. Think about what your photos are for and the best way to capture what you need.

Your Camera – Although it can be very tempting to go old school and shoot with a film-based camera, consider using a digital camera for your aerial photography. Having a display screen will inform you about light choices, angles and other basics of photography.

Using Helicopter Lift Services

Helicopter LiftsHelicopters are aviary machines that have a number of uses beyond what you might think. Obviously, when you think of helicopters, you might think of transportation services, like flights to and from airports and up-in-the-air tours of beautiful areas. You might also think of helicopter photography, which can display elements of a landscape or skyline that you wouldn’t see from the ground. There are also traffic reporters, who are sometimes featured in helicopters.

Although you may know of how helicopters are used, you probably don’t think about helicopters as a useful element of many construction projects. A lot of times, we see construction sites for skyscrapers and other tall structures and there is a crane. Cranes are a major part of such projects, but a lot of time, the flexibility and nuance of helicopter lift services are needed to complete certain planned projects.

Here are just some of the ways helicopters are used when building:

-          Construction of steel girders

-          Fast, efficient cargo transport

-          Placement of ski lifts

-          Oceanic and wilderness recovery efforts

-          Cell phone tower construction

-          High level billboard and lighting work

-          Placement of air conditioning and heating units (usually placed on rooftops)

-          Removal of large hazards like rock and building parts after storms

-          Firefighting efforts, especially in wildfire situations

If a helicopter can lift it, a project can be completed. You may think that a crane would be the best option when working on high level construction projects, but finding a place to keep it during the times when not in use can be a major hassle. The quick efficiency of helicopters and portability makes them the best bet for your construction needs.

If you would like to discuss NY helicopter lift services, call Helicopter Flight Services, Inc. at 1.888.WE.FLY.NY.

Vacation Spots to Visit with a Helicopter

Hamptons VacationThis spring has been unseasonably warm, no doubt making you think about the summer and what you may do with the free time you have. A lot of people (and families) look to summer vacation as a means of escape and some people choose to go against the grain. Although the summer is known for beaches and resort getaways, many people visit the Tri-State area and even go up North into Massachusetts. If you are thinking about travelling to a new destination on your next vacation, think about renting a helicopter.

With a chartered helicopter, you can bypass crowded airport terminals, busy streets and reduce your stress while on your way to a new destination. Here are some of the places you can visit if you fly with Helicopter Flight Services, Inc.:

Boston – Boston is a beautiful place to visit in the summer, especially because of its rich historical background. There are many walking tours of this city that will be fun and enlightening for you and your family. Visit the Boston Tea Party boat and have your kids throw tea overboard. If you are visiting as a couple, go to Quincy Market and peruse the shops and maybe head to over to Cheers later.

The Hamptons – The Hamptons have always been a great area to visit when in the New York area, but have really hit the peak of their popularity over the last 5 years or so. This could be due in part to the success of shows like Sex and the City that have used the Hamptons as the height of vacation sophistication. Charter a helicopter and get yourself flown up to the beautiful beaches and homes that the Hamptons are known for. You won’t regret it.

When it comes to the New England / Tri-State area, there are no bad choices for vacations. Next time you visit, skip the hassles and rent a helicopter for the easiest travelling you’ve ever taken part in.